The Boucherie Borghi Group Presents OCTOPUS: Easy to Operate Automatic Mop Making Machines

  • High output of mops.
  • Possibility to process cotton, non-woven and synthetic material.
  • Configurable mop length

OCTOPUS is a family of easy to operate machines for manufacturing mops of various sizes and shapes. OCTOPUS machines can process cotton yarns, spun-lace and non-woven material spools and use them to assemble mops with plastic or metal sockets and staples. Once assembled, the mop is pulled towards the cutting and unloading area.

OCTOPUS 1 & 2 are manually loaded machines, the machine operator manually feeds the machine with the sockets and the staples (once each cycle) and enables the assembly cycle.

OCTOPUS 2 PLUS is fed with sockets and staples by conveyor belts, ensuring higher output. and giving more time to the operator.

OCTOPUS 2 MATIC is fed with sockets and staples by vibrating feeders, running automatically.
For more info discover all the OCTOPUS family.

Please click below for full contact information:
Boucherie Borghi Group OCTOPUS Mop Machinery
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