The STAR R32 Re-Engineered

One machine, able to manufacture large volumes of an extremely wide range of different brushes. This is the reason behind the great success of the STAR R32 over the last 10 years. Recently, the STAR R32 has been re-engineered to offer even higher performance and more options to meet the needs of brush makers.

More versatility:  the variety of brushes that the machine can produce is wide and diversified, thanks to the 5 axes of movement run by brushless servomotors and the available range of specific tooling and accessories. Tuft flare of 90° in each direction is possible, so the extreme tuft angles can be spread as much as 180° apart. With a 3-channel fiber stock box it can manufacture brushes with filaments of 3 different colors or types. The STAR R32 is particularly interesting for the manufacturers of modern design brushes, with special tuft layouts which were unheard of until now.

More output:  the working cycle [comprised of loading/unloading; drilling; filling] occurs simultaneously at high speed on 3 stations to guarantee high volume production. Moreover one of the most important criteria that has guided the design of the STAR R32 is the reduction of the change-over time. For this reason carriages, supports and clamps are manufactured considering, on the one hand, proper operation, reliability and accuracy of the brush manufacturing process, and on the other hand, what it takes to change the machine from one item to another. When you need to manufacture several different brushes, low change-over time is vital. Finally, the BORGHI CAD software allows the user to program the machine from an office computer. In this way, production does not have to be interrupted for the development of new products.

More ease-of-use: the layout of the machine is compact, with all work stations close together, so the operator moves less, and can keep up with the high throughput of the machine. At the same time, a user-friendly programming software is available to modify existing programs on the industrial PC controller of the machine.

Versatility, productivity and ease-of-use are the key features that make the STAR R32 so popular and appreciated!

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